Shoppers Say Their Hair Has “Never Been So Thick and Long” Thanks to This Now-$9 Treatment

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It’s an early fall Prime Day deal.

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Amazon / InStyle

As someone who struggles with shedding hair and whose job is to write about all things beauty, I can tell you two things about hair growth products: There are too many for the average person to go through and they can be, and are, on average, pretty expensive. Coming across one that’s affordable, on sale, and effective (according to reviewers) is like spotting a unicorn — but such is the case with Wild Growth’s Hair Oil.

At $13, Wild Growth’s Hair Oil is already an affordable buy, but it’s been discounted to just $9 ahead of Amazon’s Fall Prime Day (aka Prime Big Deal Days). It’s a straightforward formula that’s yielded five-star results for over 22,000 shoppers.





The ingredient list reads like walking through the aisles of a wellness store. There are a dozen ingredients like eucalyptus, mushroom extract, and chickpea but the important and scientifically backed ones are coconut oil, olive oil, rosehip, rice bran, and peppermint.

In at least one study coconut oil has been shown to reduce protein loss thereby reducing hair loss. In a study done on rats (so take this information with a grain of salt) olive oil was shown to block DHT, a hormone responsible for hair loss. Another study, this time done on mice, showed that topical application of olive oil promoted hair growth. Studies have found that both rice bran and peppermint encourage hair to be in its growth stage.

This formula has all of those benefits, plus more packed into this $9 bottle that one reviewer called their “old standby to address thickness issues with [their] hair.” They said it takes a couple of months before they saw results but then those came in “with a bang.” “My hair has never been this thick and long,” they wrote.

Head to Amazon to shop the now-$9 Wild Growth Hair Oil that shoppers say helps with everything including lashes and eyebrows

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