Shoppers Agree This Black + Decker Floor Sweeper Is 'Much Faster' Than a Traditional Broom, and It's on Sale

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BLACK+DECKER Floor Sweeper
BLACK+DECKER Floor Sweeper

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When cleaning your floors, a broom is one of the most reliable devices. While it will get the job done when it comes to sweeping up hair and fine dust, it can be time-consuming when you find yourself doing it often. Plus it can also be a pain-inducing chore: The crouching over and squatting required to sweep every last piece of mess into a dustpan can be hard on your back.

So, let something else do all the hard work for you, like the Black + Decker Floor Sweeper that is 37 percent off right now at Amazon.

The cordless device is essentially a mix between a broom and a vacuum. It's complete with suction power to snatch up dirt, crumbs, and hair that is then collected and disposed of in its container as you clean the floor, making it an effortless, simple two-step process. The sweeper's dustbin can hold up to 12.5 ounces of crud, and with a push of a button can be emptied when full.

Thanks to its flexible handle, the sweeper can easily maneuver around and under furniture, in addition to tight spots, making cleaning your floors a breeze. It runs up to 50 minutes at a time before needing to be recharged, and the device can lie flat, giving you more angles to clean from, and thanks to its portable design, can easily be carried from one room to another.

BLACK+DECKER Floor Sweeper
BLACK+DECKER Floor Sweeper


Buy It! Black + Decker Floor Sweeper, $34.81 (orig. $54.99);

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More than 3,400 Amazon shoppers have given the floor sweeper a five-star rating, with many shoppers having raved in reviews that it's a "must-have" and "picks up everything."

One shopper wrote, "This thing is better than my Roomba." They added, "I have four dogs and three kids, and this thing has saved me so much time and effort!" Another enthused reviewer said it's much faster than a traditional broom and dustpan."

An additional user explained they purchased the sweeper to help pick up the dirt their dogs track in their home. "Blown away by this little sweeper… It makes cleaning the stairs a breeze rather than a back-wrecker," they shared, and added: "This magical little baby has literally improved the quality of my life."

Head to Amazon and add the Black + Decker Floor Sweeper to your cart for $35 before this deal ends.

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