Shocking twists and turns leaves former NFL player completely blindsided on 'Survivor'

Nick Paschal
Supervising Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Tribal council was full of surprises on Survivor Wednesday night. But for Devon Pinto, who was given a mysterious secret advantage, it wasn’t so much ‘Surprise! Yay!’ as it was ‘Surprise! You’re screwed.’

Devon found himself in a disadvantaged position after a tribe swap that left him as the only Hustler on his new tribe. And when former Healer tribe member Jessica Johnston found a secret advantage in her potato chips, she used it to help out her fellow Healers on Devon’s new tribe. Devon didn’t know what the secret advantage was; all he knew was that he was to open in before people went to vote at tribal council. Devon felt pretty good about his advantage, but when he opened it up, that all changed. “This is a secret advantage, but it is being used against you by another player to block your vote at tonight’s tribal council,” Devon read from the paper before adding, “That is not an advantage.”

Surprise #2

So with Devon unable to vote, it came down between the two Heros and the two Healers on the new tribe, and Devon wasn’t the only one with a surprise. Before Jeff Probst started reading off the votes, Joe Mena stood up and said, “I got something for you, Jeff.” He pulled a hidden immunity idol out of his pocket and gave it Probst. Joe had the difficult decision to keep the hidden immunity idol for himself or use it on his fellow Healer Desi Williams. After looking at the two Heros, he decided to use it on himself.

Probst started reading off the votes and it was instantly clear that Joe made the right decision. With Joe’s votes voided out by his immunity idol, that meant former NFL player Alan Ball was voted out of the tribe.

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