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ShiftPosts aims to simplify pharmacy staffing through an innovative relief scheduling platform

Toronto, ON, Oct. 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ShiftPosts is a digital relief platform that allows pharmacy owners and managers to find quality staff members within minutes. ShiftPosts offers a quick and reliable matching system that brings pharmacists, technicians, assistants, students and pharmacy owners together to ensure staffing stability across the country.

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ShiftPosts was created with the mission for change in relief sourcing and scheduling. Its founders believed that top quality should come without compromise. Each candidate has transparent ratings and credentials to help match them with prospective business owners and managers. Pharmacy manager Tamer Boctor said, “ShiftPosts has been invaluable. Posting shifts and finding high caliber relief pharmacists has been really easy. I consider it a life saver and totally rely on them in any situation that requires relief, even on short notice.”

The ShiftPosts team has a proven track record in Pharmacy and Health Care with pharmaceutical executives on their board. Together they created a system that allows for relief needs to be posted within minutes, matching them with available and pre-screened pharmacy professionals in seconds. It allows pharmacists to select their availability so they can be matched with relevant postings and keep 100% of their earnings. Pharmacies are able to see ratings for each candidate to help aid in their selection and find the best fit for fulfillment.

While other relief agencies are known to undercut pharmacists, ShiftPosts guarantees transparency with pay and hours. It can be hard to find qualified shift coverage at the last minute, but ShiftPosts makes it easy, which is why they have become a leading provider for around the clock relief sourcing and scheduling.

PharmaChoice owner Bruno Galle appreciates their innovative approach to staffing needs. “On their website you see a picture of the candidates, their education, work experience and ratings they have received from previous shifts,” he said. “Definitely a huge improvement from other agencies we have used in the past, no comparison.”


CONTACT: John Brady ShiftPosts 1-844-744-3801

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