A shell of a problem: Josephine the Armadillo escapes Sacramento Zoo for second time

Sacramento Zoo


Call it Shell-Shank Redemption.

An armadillo named Josephine escaped the Sacramento Zoo Thursday morning, the zoo said in a news release. After realizing she was missing from the Interpretive Center, staff searched the zoo and the adjacent William Land Park, but by 4:30 p.m. Thursday, the animal remained missing, the release said.

Josephine, who is about 18 inches long and 12 pounds, is part of the zoo’s education program, the release said. She is not dangerous to humans or pets.

Six-banded armadillos are native to the grasslands of South America and can be active during the day or night, the release said. They are excellent diggers, who typically shelter underground.

The zoo website once described 6-year-old Josephine as a “very energetic” armadillo who loves running around the Reptile House Lawn and digging holes.

Josephine, who has been at the zoo since April 2021, has escaped once before, zoo spokeswoman Leslie Kirrene said. She is the zoo’s only armadillo.

“The incident is being investigated at this point. Our main focus is her safe return and recovery,” Kirrene said.

KCRA last year shared zoo footage on social media of Josephine taking a snooze.

The zoo is asking people who think they have seen Josephine to call 916-808-1952 to file a report.