She won $1 million in the South Carolina lottery — but hasn’t splurged yet


A woman played the lottery on her way to a birthday party — and got another reason to celebrate in South Carolina.

She discovered the ticket she bought was worth $1 million before she called her husband to tell him the big news, officials said.

“You won $1 million, why are you so calm?” the husband reportedly asked.

“Because it hasn’t sunk in,” the winner replied, according to an S.C. Education Lottery news release published on Wednesday, Oct. 5.

The woman eventually claimed the prize, which totaled $690,000 after taxes, according to spokesperson Holli Armstrong. But cashing in on the big win didn’t mean reality had set in.

“Until I make a big purchase, it’s not real,” the winner said in the news release.

The woman, a Georgia resident who didn’t share her name, bought the winning ticket as she was gearing up to celebrate the birthday of a family member. While in Anderson, South Carolina, officials said she stopped at the B K World store.

That’s where she spent $10 to try her luck on a lottery game called The Million. It turns out, her ticket beat 1-in-1.44 million odds to score the game’s biggest prize.

It’s not the first time a lottery win has fallen around the same time as a celebratory occasion. In March, a North Carolina college student was leaving her birthday dinner when she bought a ticket that hit the jackpot, McClatchy News reported.

Anderson is roughly 30 miles southwest of Greenville.

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