She’s ‘no feminist,’ huh? So is she willing to give up her credit card and telephone?

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Want to go back to the bad old days?

In her Jan. 23 column, “What can parents do when COVID closes school, day care? Some advice from a working mom,” (4C) Nicole Russell wrote that she is “no feminist.” She should realize that before feminism, she could not have gotten a telephone in her own name, a credit card, a car or personal loan, a mortgage or rental contract for an apartment. We were called “girl” at work, while getting paid half of what men were paid, and were groped on the job with no recourse.

If you don’t want to go back to the olden days, then you are a feminist. Don’t shy away from the hard-won rights that women have fought for and achieved. We marched, fought and voted so that you don’t have to be creditless, barefoot and pregnant.

- Martha E. Brown, Fort Worth

I didn’t realize the real risks

The Star-Telegram’s cover story Sunday about the dangers of trampoline parks in Texas was disturbing. (3A, “Jump at your own risk; The consequences of Texas’ lack of regulation of trampoline parks”) My grandkids love these parks. But unlike many other states, Texas does not require insurance or safety inspections.

Users beware. I never knew trampoline park accidents could cause permanent injury. Who is looking out for the unsuspecting customers? We need safety requirements and regular inspections. Our kids’ lives depend on it.

- Barbara A. Suber, Fort Worth

Will Granger work for the people?

Democrats struggled to get an infrastructure win despite fierce Republican opposition. Rep. Kay Granger voted against the bill but is owning the win for Panther Island funding.

Will Granger vote for measures to help working families with child and elder care, expand family leave and serve other medical needs?

- Loveta Eastes, Benbrook

Doing what the voters want

Cheers to elected officials who actually read and understand what is in legislation beyond the sexy titles. Mayor Mattie Parker didn’t sign on to support the falsely labeled Freedom to Vote Act. That bill would loosen voter ID laws, promote automatic voter registration and allow all voters to cast ballots by mail without a valid reason. These are things most Fort Worth voters oppose.

Rep. Kay Granger didn’t vote for the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. This $1.7 trillion bill was not an “investment.” Previous legislation had already provided billions to the same projects under pandemic relief funds. The so-called jobs act would increase U.S. debt, add to inflation and bail out big-city railroads.

Jeers to Rep. Marc Veasey for sheepishly following House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in growing government and taking credit for funding Panther Island by adding new debt.

- Ray Harris, Fort Worth

Don’t let another accident happen

My heart and prayers go out to the family in the Jeep that lost control on the Green Oaks exit from Interstate 20 on Monday. (Jan. 26, 11A, “Woman dies in car crash on I-20 in Arlington”) A woman was killed in a rollover.

The day before, we took the same exit and found that the pavement on the right side is split and has a big dip. Our car, too, began to swerve and jerked to the right. Thank God I had both hands on the wheel to maintain control.

I think this rollover death resulted from that existing poor road condition. The city of Arlington and the Texas Department of Transportation need to make repairs ASAP before someone else loses control.

- Bryan Graham, Arlington