She was already in a Florida jail. Then came a ‘horrific’ video and a sheriff’s warning

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A woman has been accused of drowning her Chihuahua in her pool and later posting video of the act for her followers to see.

Erica Black, 32, was already incarcerated on an aggravated assault charge on $150,000 bond, and got an additional $15K bond tacked on for animal abuse and cruelty.

The “graphic and disgusting” video of her drowning the dog last October recently came to light as Black’s roommate brought the home security footage to authorities, said Brevard Sheriff Wayne Ivey in a Facebook post on Thursday.

“It’s the most horrific thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” Ivey said. “There is a special place in hell for this woman. Until she gets there, she’s going to rot in our jail. ... If I hear so much as she has a pet rock, I will lose my crap.”

In the video, the dog is reportedly seen being held underwater, gasping for breath and then going limp and floating.

As per the arrest affidavit, Black is seen walking around the outdoor deck with a small white canine, later identified as Sadie, in her arms. After a few moments, the woman enters the pool and lowers the dog into waist-deep water for “approximately one minute.”

“This isn’t just animal cruelty,” he said. “This is an act against humanity.”