Shaun Ryder's Coronation Street addiction

Shaun Ryder's Coronation Street addiction credit:Bang Showbiz
Shaun Ryder's Coronation Street addiction credit:Bang Showbiz

Happy Mondays star Shaun Ryder is addicted to 'Coronation Street'.

The 61-year-old musician - who previously battled addiction to drugs including crack cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine - has swapped his hedonistic lifestyle for a more sedate one which includes watching the soaps and cycling.

In an interview promoting his new book 'Happy Mondays And Fridays, And Saturdays, And Sundays', Shaun told The Sun newspaper: "I wanted to do it [get clean]as I’d got to 40 and my kids were getting older and I didn’t want them to think I’m this f*****-up old dude.

"I used to be addicted to heroin, methamphetamine, crack cocaine — you name it. Now I’m addicted to cycling and 'Coronation Street'. Have I had any moments of weakness since then? No, I haven’t, really. My youngest girls, who are teenagers now, are at home with us and have never seen me like that. I’ve not tried to hide it, it’s my story, but they don’t recognise that person today. I’m a big believer in the saying that whatever you get through makes you stronger."

Meanwhile, Shaun previously revealed he has banned booze from his house and will only have a drink if he's out.

He told the Guardian newspaper: "We don’t have alcohol in the house. Not even at Christmas. When I go out to work, I’ll still have a drink.

"I partied from the age of 13 onwards. It didn’t end until 2002, when I hit 40 and I thought it was about time I grew up. I got off the heroin and everything else and haven’t been there for 20 years."