Sharon Stone Rapping for Maxine Waters Is Hilarious

Ken Tucker
Critic-at-Large, Yahoo Entertainment
Sharon Stone (Photo: Getty Images)

Providing the 684,000th reason why many celebrities would be better off not entering the political arena, Sharon Stone has released a spoken-word poem in which she raps about the greatness of California Representative Maxine Waters. “Say it loud/She’s strong and she’s proud,” says Stone in a tone that approaches rhythm without quite achieving it. Clearly, Stone’s first problem here is that she should never attempt to rephrase James Brown, whose 1968 “Say It Loud — I’m Black and I’m Proud” provided the metrical framework for Stone’s salute to Waters.

The poem seems to have been inspired by Bill O’Reilly — you remember O’Reilly, the accused sexual harasser, some of whose advertisers are currently impersonating rats fleeing a sinking ship — and his “joke” about Waters’ hair resembling a “James Brown wig.” (The video above, which Sharon Stone uploaded to YouTube, includes a quote from Waters regarding O’Reilly.)

But no matter how well-intentioned, Stone’s work of political art is cringe-worthy. As is so often the case, Viceland’s Desus and Mero had the most salient comments to make on this matter, noting that “Any time you say ‘spoken-word,’ it’s funny, but when you add ‘rap’ at the end, it’s hilarious… double funny-points.”

It’s nice to see Waters held up as a role model, but I’d much rather see Stone engage in a new acting project, preferably one that doesn’t require reciting verse — or in the case here, in which she rhymes “Shirley Chisholm” (another great American political figure) with “racism,” I’m not sure what that combo of syllables is.

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