Sharing Economy International Inc.'s ECrent: Makes Sharing Greener

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This Company Makes Sharing Greener

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / April 20, 2021 /Imperium Group's Shazir Mucklai had a chat with SEII and ECrent this past week.

In the past decade, something called a "sharing economy" has taken a public spotlight. As companies like Uber and Airbnb spring up, more and more people are leaning into the idea of sharing what they have with others. Whether it's opening up a spare room to strangers you meet online or giving people rides around town, people are excited about the idea of sharing now more than ever. However, aside from those two business giants, there haven't been many renting options. Sure, you can find a place to crash or a ride to the airport. But what if you need something else? What if you want to rent some expensive outdoor gear that you only need once? Or what if you're not sure if a product is right for you, and you don't know anyone who has used it before?

That's what ECrent is here for. ECrent is an online, one-stop-shop for anyone looking to rent something or temporarily rent out something they own. Functioning similarly to Airbnb, ECrent has nearly everything you could imagine. Founded in 2013, ECrent is a subsidiary of SEII (Sharing Economy International Inc) (OTCQB:SEII) and is the green synergy for sharing economic, business, and world-sustainability goals. ECrent is now a global marketplace solely devoted to allowing people to rent whatever they may need and to changing human consumption patterns from buying in order to own everything, to renting to maximize the use of existing resources and minimize waste. Ecrent aims to make consumption more sustainable and to accelerate the adoption of a green economy. The platform enables those with idle assets to share them with those who lack them, helping to reduce inequality. Big ticket items that the poor cannot afford to buy are now available for rental at a fraction of the cost. Assets can be accessible and enjoyed by all, which leads to social equity and social harmony. Ecrent also promotes green entrepreneurship and encourages people to start their own renting businesses around the world regardless of their status, genders, or abilities. With the Ecrent platform, anyone can start their own rental businesses working from home. This contributes to employment and sustainable economic growth. After the UN conference meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, in 2015 for economic cooperation and trade, Ecrent is even more committed to the UN's sustainable development goals and the Public Private Partnership (PPP) Initiative, and it welcomes participation and partnership from governments and public organisations around the world.

"The idea for ECrent and the impact it could have on the world started when I saw a niche in the marketplace. I created a model that allowed me to account for items I loaned to friends," says co-founder Jefferson Pak Hei Chan. "Seeing that sustainability made me rethink my view on business. I saw that there are a lot of people who are willing to rent instead of buy and that this could prove beneficial to our future. The sharing economy has taken shape out of this idea. Then, I thought that if I could do this, I could also create a website to house a platform for others to rent their items out. This, in turn, developed a sharing economy that benefits a sustainable future."

Sustainability is an issue near to the heart of Chan and ECrent.

"The problem we face today is overconsumption that leads to increasing amounts of waste. Companies are focused on production and selling with little attention on the disposal of items and the adverse impact on the environment," Chan continues.

ECrent hopes that by encouraging consumers to rent items, rather than buying new items they won't use often, shoppers will be able to decrease their negative environmental impact and move other businesses into greener, more sustainable business practices as a result. Started in 2013, the company really started taking off in 2015. Now, they are a global company, with domains and rental listings in over 40 countries.

"We are hoping to expand even more into the U.S. and find locals who want to rent, helping lead to a greener, less consumerist world," Chan says. "Since the industrial revolution, as a country we have just been going through cycles of production and advancement, but none of it has been geared towards making the earth greener."

With ECrent, shoppers can now find nearly any variety of product they are looking for. They can find kitchen equipment, sporting gear, clothes, accommodations, even cars! And rather than buying new products that may not even be used often, creating waste and high demand, they can now rent products they want, getting the function and enjoyment out of it without creating waste and leaving products unused. What started as an idea to help himself turned into a dream to help the world.

"Success is a subjective thing. It looks different for everyone," says Chan. And for him, success looks like helping people share what they own while working to make the world a more sustainable place.

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