Who Is Shanks from ‘One Piece’? Meet the Pirate With a Strong Link to Luffy

one piece peter gadiot as shanks in season 1 of one piece cr joe alblasnetflix © 2023
Meet Shanks from ‘One Piece’!Joe Alblas - Netflix

With how big the ocean is there are plenty of pirates out there who are trying to find the One Piece and become King of the Pirates. But there's only one who truly inspired Luffy to start his own journey and kick off his adventure and that is none other than Shanks. Part mentor and part father figure, Shanks has definitely left a mark (and a hat) on Luffy as he was growing up. So just who is he and what can we expect from him?

Here's everything you need to know about Shanks in Netflix's One Piece.

Who is Shanks?

Also known as Red-Haired Shanks, he is a kind and determined pirate who mostly sails in the East Blue. He has his own crew known as the Red Hair Pirates, but before that, Shanks worked as an apprentice under the Roger Pirates along with Buggy, who has hinted about their past in the live-action series.

one piece peter gadiot as shanks in season 1 of one piece cr joe alblasnetflix © 2023
Joe Alblas - Netflix

Shanks first met Luffy when he was living in a small village as a boy and brought the Gum Gum Fruit over, being the conduit to Luffy receiving his powers. Despite Luffy's determination to be a part of his crew, Shanks decided to keep him away and called him an anchor due to his inability to swim after eating the fruit.

Throughout his time in the village, he teaches Luffy about the dangers of his new powers, while also inadvertently showing him that a pirate can also be kind, despite the reputation that they get. After Luffy was taken from Higuma and thrown into the sea, Shanks was the one who saved him from almost drowning.

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While on the boat heading back to the village, the two encounter the Lord of the Coast and Shanks protects Luffy from his attack, losing his arm in the process. He later sails off on his next adventure, but not before leaving his signature hat to Luffy who then protects it with his life.

one piece l to r colton osorio as young luffy, peter gadiot as shanks in season 1 of one piece cr courtesy of netflix © 2023

When Luffy gets his own wanted poster, it's revealed that Shanks is still alive and off on a beach with his crew. He gets excited knowing that Luffy has now become a pirate, hinting at a possible reunion between the two in the near future.

Who Plays Shanks?

Yellowjackets fans will definitely get excited to see a familiar face since he is played by none other than Peter Gadiot. The actor previously played Adam in the hit Showtime series and also starred in Queen of the South and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

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