Shadows in fluorescent light reveal large snake hiding in ceiling at Australia office

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers video screenshot

A creepy game of hide-and-seek played out in an Australia office, after a company realized shadows in its fluorescent lights were from a large snake.

The snake, a carpet python, was apparently using the ceiling fixtures as a type of sauna.

Video shared on Facebook by Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 shows the snake was at risk of falling onto workers below.

Sunshine Coast owner Stuart McKenzie visited the business more than once trying to find the snake, which managed to hide whenever ceiling tiles were lifted.

It was finally caught in the past week, after McKenzie got sneakier and caught the python off guard directly atop a fluorescent light cover.

The search was not without its risks, as McKenzie had to stick his head into the ceiling to look for the python. The species in not venomous, but they do bite. They also grow to nearly 10 feet.

McKenzie dodged being bitten as he pulled the nearly 5-foot snake out of the ceiling. However, the woman he handed it to was bitten on the arm, the video shows.

The video has gotten hundreds of reactions and comments, including some who imagined having a heavy snake fall out of their ceiling.

“Something out of a horror movie,” one person wrote on Facebook.

“That would have freaked me out,” another posted.

“I can handle the birds (in the ceiling) but if I ever see this I am gone for good!” one commenter wrote.

McKenzie took the snake to a wilderness area and released it unharmed, which is standard practice for the company.

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