Sex Update: Has Sexless ‘Married at First Sight’ Couple Sealed the Deal?

On the Married at First Sight Reunion Special, the relationship experts checked in on married couple Cody and Danielle to see how things had been going since the cameras stopped rolling. When one of them said, “The question that everyone wants to know is, have the two of you had sex?” everyone was on the edge of their seats, but, alas, Cody confirmed, “We still have not had sex.”

This Married at First Sight couple has been stuck in the friend zone since the honeymoon, but it doesn’t seem to be from a lack of desire. When pressed with the question of if they want to have sex in their marriage, Danielle said, “I want to have sex in my marriage,” and Cody said, “I want to have a lot of sex in my marriage.”

It seemed, however, that Danielle was on the hunt for love before sex. “I am happy to be married because I want to let love in. And so it’s helped me bring down those walls. I think there’s growth in my marriage with Cody, and that’s given me hope that we can get to the place we want to be, which is, you know, in love.”

With Cody and Danielle pledging to find love in their marriage, and then hopefully sex, she assessed both the positives and the negatives of their current married life. For her, the best thing was how good he is with her two dogs. The worst thing, she said, is “just adjusting to living with a boy. You know, I mean, I’m not the cleanest girl, but, you know, you’re a boy.”

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