Sex Education Series Finale Recap: Was Otis and Maeve’s Ending a Happy One?

At the end of Sex Educations penultimate episode, Maeve decided to go back to America to pursue her writing career. As a result of her tough decision, Otis claimed he’d feel like he was holding her back if the two of them stayed together. Since Maeve wasn’t sure whether she’d come back to England or not, they decided to call it quits because ultimately, the long distance would be too hard to navigate long-term.

They did, however, exchange “I love yous” and finally — finally! — had sex in Otis’ bedroom.

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But is that really how the series ended the four-season saga of “Maevis”?! Let’s recap!

At the top of the finale, Maeve is getting re-settled back into school abroad, while a down Otis ponders his relationships with both Maeve and Eric. He and Maeve agree to not speak for a while, much to the detriment of Sex Ed fans worldwide.

Jackson goes to track down his biological father, but doesn’t get the response he’s hoping for. Instead, he gets a door closed squarely on his face. When he finally speaks with his moms, they reveal that Roz had an affair with a married man. She unexpectedly got pregnant, but realized she was so happy with the way it turned out. The “dad” in question is named Jermone, and he already had a family. Roz sent him updates and photos, but he sent everything back unopened. That’s when she met Sofia and they decided to raise Jackson together. It’s a tough pill to swallow, and Jackson leaves the room in pain.

Eric finally agrees to get baptized, but after the pastor says the church can’t accept his school’s fundraising money (due to not agreeing with the college’s values), he second-guesses everything and walks out on what was supposed to be his special day. He says he can’t stay silent any longer. He has to tell his truth because he can’t live as “half a person.” If the church loves him as he is, he’ll get baptized, but if not, he must leave. The silence in the church is deafening, and he leaves in tears.

As for Viv, she’s had enough of her new boo Beau, especially since he put hands on her. The big stupid jerk tells her he’s going to work on his jealousy, but judging by Viv’s body language, we can see she is DONE. She confides in Jackson, Isaac and Aimee that sometimes he makes her feel like she’s done something wrong. She admits to being confused, but by episode’s end, she breaks it off with him once and for all. Go Viv!

Meanwhile, Cal has taken off, which sends their mom to the school in search of her child. The students agree to work together to search for their missing classmate. It’s Eric who finds them hanging out on a cliff’s edge in the middle of the woods. They tell Eric that they don’t really know what happened, but it feels like they’re drowning. “I don’t think the world really wants people like me in it,” they confide, just as Jackson also arrives on the scene. Cal eventually agrees to let their friends escort them home.

Adam’s dad visits him at the farm and apologizes for making him feel small. Mr. Groff so badly wants to fix his relationship with his son, who then asks him if he wants to hug a horse because it “makes things feel better.” (Classic Adam.) Instead, Groff says he wants to hug Adam, and the two at last share a warm, sincere embrace.

After almost kissing Isaac on the lips, Aimee tells him she still has issues with intimacy as a result of her sexual assault. He’s supportive and of course seems really into her. She abruptly says she has something to do and exits. She heads to the bus stop (yes, that bus stop) and conducts a photo shoot with her favorite pair of jeans that she was wearing during her attack. She lights the garment on fire and dances around the flames. She smiles and yells out in triumph. Later, she does wind up kissing Isaac, who assures her they can move at whatever pace she wants.

Maeve receives a phone call from a publisher who read her story Southchester, which Ellen found in the trash and passed along. The person on the phone says she wants to read more pages since it’s a “very evocative piece.” It’s a small win that brings a smile to Maeve’s face. She later has one final meeting with Molloy, who admits he was harsh with her the last time they spoke. She tells him his words crushed her and that she almost didn’t come back to school because of him. She says she didn’t grow up privileged like the rest of her classmates and that she has no safety net if things don’t work out. “You don’t get to be the gatekeeper of my dreams,” she tells him. He nods, respectfully.

Otis tracks down Eric and they both patch things up. Otis recognizes that he does feel uncomfortable about some of their differences, and admits that he sometimes doesn’t know how to navigate all of their changes. “I feel like I’ve lost a lot this year, and I couldn’t survive if I lost you,” Otis tells him. Eric hugs him and invites him to get ready for the fundraiser with the rest of his friends. And since the church won’t take the money they’re going to raise, everyone decides to give the funds to Cal for their top surgery.

Connor wins the student sex therapist election, but turns it down. Otis comes in second place, but winds up turning the gig over to O, who later says she wants to work with him. Eric’s pastor shows up to the fundraiser and says he wants to have more discussions about how to make the church more inclusive. Eric says they might need more than just conversations, but it’s a great start. He then invites his pastor and family to dance with him. Later that night, Eric tells Otis he’s decided that he wants to become a pastor. “You’ll be a natural,” Otis responds. The two end the night eating popcorn and playing Super Smash Bros., a scene that very well could’ve been found in any Season 1 episode. They fall asleep together, remotes still in hand, just like little kids.

As for the Groff family, Michael drops Adam off at home, and Adam and Maureen invite him to watch TV with them. The Groffs have been through it, and it’s nice to see them settle their differences and gain at least a small semblance of hope for the future.

Jackson and his moms have a healthy conversation once he’s cooled down, while Cal’s mom tells them she wishes she knew how to make things better.

After Otis apologizes to his mom for being a dummy earlier (he blamed Jean for helping Maeve arrive to the decision to leave), he goes up to his room and finds a letter Maeve left behind. She writes at the top that it’s not a soppy love letter. She says he has a rare ability to make people feel truly seen and that he did the same for her. Because of him, it gave her the courage to start opening herself up to people, and as a result, she didn’t feel so alone anymore. It allowed her to imagine something bigger for herself.

“I want you to know that however much it f–king hurts that we can’t be together, I won’t ever close myself off again,” she says. “Meeting you cracked my heart open and now it’s forever changed, and because of that, I will carry part of you with me wherever I go.” She ends her missive: “I think what I’m trying to say is thanks for everything, d–khead.”

Were you surprised that Otis and Maeve didn’t end up together? Grade the finale and season below, then let loose in the comments section!

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