Sex Education S3 lands today and viewers are already saying the same thing about the new series

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Photo credit: Sam Taylor/Netflix
Photo credit: Sam Taylor/Netflix

Sex Education series 3 has finally arrived and we couldn't be happier. All episodes of the new season landed on Netflix today (September 17) and while we're not encouraging you to pull a sickie to binge it all in one go, we certainly won't be the ones to dob you in. Especially since plenty of viewers have clearly already blitzed through the entire series and are all saying the same thing about two characters over on Twitter. Spoilers below, obviously.

We have been waiting so patiently for a new series of Sex Education we deserve a medal, but finally the wait is over. While the new series quite literally just landed (we're talking mere hours ago) fans have already taken to Twitter to make one huge and pretty surprising point. Not only are people ecstatic to have Otis, Maeve, Eric and Aimee and the others back in our lives but they've also really changed their minds about their favourite couple.

We've all been pining for Maeve and Otis to finally get together for years, but now the tides have turned and we're all about Otis and Ruby. We're fully converted Rotis stans and it turns out, Twitter agrees.

Okay we're absolutely obsessed with them, but what about the voicemail?!

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