Severe weather threat with slight supercell risk on eastern Prairies

Severe weather threat with slight supercell risk on eastern Prairies

Ingredients are coming together for a stormy Wednesday in parts of Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Conditions are conducive for isolated severe storms that could produce large hail and heavy downpours, especially between Weyburn, Sask., and Brandon, Man.

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While confidence is low, there some models suggest there could also be rotating storms as they track east from Saskatchewan into Manitoba Wednesday. That means funnel clouds and/or a tornado or two can't be ruled out.


Areas: Southern Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Timing: Wednesday afternoon and evening

Weather: A complex setup is forecast to track across the southern Saskatchewan and Manitoba border through Wednesday. Dynamics are favourable for large hail and heavy downpours in isolated storms, especially between Weyburn, Sask., and Brandon, Man. Wind direction also appears problematic, and could set up rotating cells as the storms track east from Saskatchewan into Manitoba.


These ingredients could mean funnel clouds or a tornado may be possible, but confidence is low as to if these storms will be able to reach the surface.

Forecasters will be closely watching the development of storm cells through Wednesday, so be sure to stay weather-aware Wednesday.



Make sure to keep up-to-date on your local forecast information and alerts. If you are outdoors in an area with a severe weather threat, make sure you have a safety plan in place in case you need to get to shelter.

If a severe thunderstorm approaches your location, remain mindful of trees or tree limbs that loom near your home. Trees falling into buildings are a significant source of injury during strong storms. Try to avoid rooms where trees may cause damage during high winds.

The greatest danger in any thunderstorm is lightning. If you can hear thunder, you’re close enough to be struck by lightning.

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Be sure to check back for the latest weather updates across Manitoba and Saskatchewan.