Sevdaliza's Avatar Fronts The Fabricant's Latest Digital Facewear Collection

Despite being early in the year, The Fabricant is already one step ahead in the metaverse game for 2023. The pioneering digital-only couture platform has tapped renowned musician Sevdaliza for a provocative digital wearables range called "XXories," making her the first high-profile real-world artist to become the face of a digital collection.

The Iranian-Dutch artist, appraised for her unique blend of experimental electronic music and raw self-expression, fronts the otherworldly campaign in an avatar form. The Fabricant's visual effects team used motion capture and Unreal Engine to recreate Sevdaliza's face in 3D after filming her in real life and adding lighting elements to enhance the visual mood.

The "XXories" collection offers a line-up of digital face accessories, such as virtual earrings, facial piercings, and nose chains, which can be worn via augmented reality (AR). The digital craftsmanship behind the pieces elevates the current digital fashion wearables landscape, as the virtual try-on filter appears to realistically pierce the skin, inviting users to "Wear their pain."

The collection also serves as the debut line for The Fabricant's new digital fashion project WHOLELAND, which mission is to enable everyone to freely express their selves through digital fashion -- or, as described by the atelier, to "Embrace their ugly, flaunt their flaws and celebrate their weird." Furthermore, the "XXories" pieces are also a key to unlocking access to future collections and unique benefits in the virtual space.

Amber Slooten, Co-founder and Creative Director at The Fabricant, commented: "We're thrilled to have Sevdaliza as the face for the 'XXories' collection. We've been inspired by her as an artist for a long time, and by the uncompromising self-expression, she brings to everything she creates. It's a spirit that's in total alignment with our beliefs as a digital fashion house. Fearless exploration of identity beyond physical boundaries is what we seek to enable in everyone who wears our pieces."

Take a look at the exclusive campaign in the gallery above. The "XXories" digital wearables collection will be available to purchase exclusively on The Fabricant's website starting February 16.

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