Seth Meyers Points Out Chinese Balloon's Biggest Flaw

Seth Meyers is calling for a more appropriate name for the alleged Chinese “spy” balloon that dominated headlines before and after it was shot down in U.S. airspace over the weekend.

“We should stop calling it a Chinese spy balloon when a far more accurate name is shitty Chinese spy balloon,” the “Late Night” host said Monday. “The only way this balloon could’ve had a higher profile is if it had its own Instagram account.”

“There’s something about it being a balloon that just makes it very hard to take seriously,” he added. “Like, it would be one thing to send a fleet of fighter jets or a giant navy vessel. That would be scary. But a balloon? Are they trying to scare us or cheer us up at the hospital? We should respond with something even dumber to flummox them. Like, we should send one of those air dancers they have outside car dealerships.”

Watch below on “Late Night.”