Seth Meyers Hits Republicans For 'Gaslighting Everyone' On Roe Reversal

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Seth Meyers lashed out at Republicans on Tuesday over their reaction to the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade.

“Amid a torrent of national outrage and widespread protests over the Supreme Court’s grotesque decision to shred abortion rights, Republicans are shamelessly claiming that it’s Democrats who were staging riots by peacefully protesting,” the “Late Night” host said. “On top of that they’re trying to gaslight everybody into thinking nothing has been banned as a result of this decision.”

A number of Republicans and conservative media personalities have argued that the decision doesn’t actually ban abortions, just allows states to make their own decisions on the issue.

“Nothing’s been banned? Are you insane? This is the shittiest Jedi mind trick I’ve ever seen,” Meyers said.

“Thirteen states have trigger laws that either made abortion instantly illegal as soon as the decision was handed down, or will make it illegal very soon, and there are several more states that are likely to join, meaning all, or most abortions could soon be illegal or severely restricted and at least 20 states, if not more,” he added. “This ruling was not theoretical. It put millions of women and people who can become pregnant in jeopardy immediately.”

Watch his commentary below on “Late Night”:

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