Serena Williams Says Her Super Bowl Commercial Co-Star Brian Cox Is 'Super Sweet' — See the Full Ad

As a Succession fan herself, Serena Williams was thrilled to work alongside Brian Cox in the 2023 Michelob Ultra Super Bowl commericial.

"He was in all of my scenes, so I kind of felt special," she tells PEOPLE about working alongside the Golden Globe award winner, who plays Logan Roy.

The 23-time Grand Slam champion returns to the beer brand's campaign for the third year and is joined by the Succession star on the golf course for a Caddyshack-inspired battle. PEOPLE exclusively revealed the teaser for Michelob Ultra's 2023 Super Bowl ad on Jan. 20, which hinted at a putt-putt competition and fun retro theme, but the full commercial dropped on Feb. 1.

The full ad opens up with a view of a golf course and a sign that says "Bushood Country Club," which is the name of the fictional country club in Harold Ramis' comedic film. The sign has a haphazard message attached reading "New Member's Day."

Williams, wearing a purple plaid outfit, walks over to Cox, in a pink polo shirt and plain khakis, who says to her, "Well, we're waiting."

While the two take turns at the tee, the camera cuts to other argyle-clad golfers on the course including Miami Heat player Jimmy Butler and WNBA star Nneka Ogwumike. This pair watches Cox and Williams before turning up some music, specifically playing the theme song from Caddyshack, Kenny Loggins' "I'm Alright." They proceed to pour beer from a Michelob Ultra tap in a golf bag and dance to the music with fellow golfers.

Channeling his gruff character in Succession, Cox shouts at Butler, Ogwumike and the dancing crowd, "Cut that off!"

Serena Williams Michelob Super Bowl ad
Serena Williams Michelob Super Bowl ad


As Cox prepares for his next hit, U.S. Women's National Team member Alex Morgan pops out from behind a hedge and taunts him: "I bet you'll slice it into the woods." This comment throws Cox off his game and his swing sends a golf ball into someone's wine glass.

Professional boxer Canelo Álvarez zooms by in a beer-filled golf cart before the players aim for the 18th hole. Cox carefully selects his club and nearly makes it into the hole but the golf ball swerves away, causing the actor to dramatically grimace. Finally, Williams, encouraged by her caddy to "be the ball," hits the ball and it lands just on the edge of the hole but doesn't fall in.

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Far off on the golf course, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo cracks open a bottle of beer, causing birds to fly, the ground to shake and subsequently rolling Williams' ball into the hole. The crowd goes wild at her victory and cheers on Williams.

In the popular HBO series, Cox plays the role of Logan, an intimidating head of the Roy family and of the media conglomerate, Waystar Royco. But Williams is happy to report that Cox is just an excellent actor and not like his scary character.

"I think just seeing him in person, you just see him as that patriarch. Even though you kind of want him to be that person, he's not," she tells PEOPLE. "He's super sweet and super awesome."

The athlete is quite the actress herself, considering that she is not a golfer but has a convincing swing in the commercial. "I was focused on just making sure I made the right faces and the acting," she explains but, after shooting the ad, she has plans to take up the game. "I was thinking about getting myself in golf after all of this."

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Williams is close friends with Tiger Woods — but does not plan to play with the 82-time PGA Tour winner any time soon. "He might be a little too intense, he's still professional," she says.

It is not the beer that keeps the 23-time Grand Slam champion coming back to partner with the Michelob year after year. It is the company's commitment to gender equality in sports.

"When we first talked about a relationship, I honestly couldn't believe all that they were doing," Williams says.

She explains how this year's golf-themed commercial has equal representation of female and male athletes, which she says is "a really big deal for the Super Bowl and a Super Bowl commercial." Also, Williams referenced her pride in the $100 million commitment that Michelob Ultra made in 2021 to increase women's visibility in sports.

"The whole mission kind of just has Serena written all over it," the mother of one says.

The commercial will air during Super Bowl LVII, which takes place on Feb. 12 at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.