Sephora employee shares wild story about tween girl fighting with her mom over a $900 haul

Inside of a Sephora store
Thomas Lohnes / Stringer/natsodrizzy/TikTok

Sephora has been taken over by teens and tweens—and if you don’t believe it, just listen to this crazy story as retold by an employee. Natalia Herrera—@natsodrizzy on TikTok—shared a story from one of her shifts at Sephora, where she rang up a girl she estimated was around 10 years old, who came to the register with a basket overflowing with high-end skincare products and fragrances.

“These 10-year-old girls at Sephora are crazy, but what’s crazier is the parents that aren’t parenting,” Herrera said. “This little girl walks up to me and her basket is literally overflowing. The amount of products that were in there…”

Herrera said that the little girl asked for two perfumes that were on hold for her in the back to be scanned first. Those alone came to $300, but when Herrera told her the total, she was unbothered and said to go ahead with ringing up the rest of the items.

“I finished scanning all her products and her total came out to almost $900,” Herrera said, noting that that’s when the little girl started looking nervous. She asked Herrera to wait a moment and got her sister from another register, who revealed that she had just spent $500 on her own haul.

“Her sister says, ‘Well, do you have enough?’ and she goes, ‘No, but I’m probably just going to use Mom’s money,'” Herrera said, noting that the girls acted like this was “so normal.”

But when their mom got there and they told her the nearly $900 total, she “freaked out.”

“The mom is furious and the little girl is just looking at her like, ‘What,'” Herrera continued. “Like, ‘Yeah, b—–, I’m going to spend $900. I don’t know what you’re looking at.’ So then the mom goes, ‘Take something out.’ The little girl lost her mind. She’s like, ‘No. I’m not taking anything out.'”

Herrera added, “Growing up, if I ever, ever said anything like that to my mom, it’s a wrap. It’s a wrap. We’re not getting anything at Sephora anymore.”

Anyway, though, poor Herrera shared that the post-holiday line was building up behind the mother-daughter pair as they continued to argue. The mom insisted this 10-year-old didn’t need a $200 perfume because she had two others already at home, and the little girl insisted she did need it because, “I want it.” She finally removed one item from the basket and told her mom, “That’s all I’m taking out.”

“This is the problem,” Herrera said. “The problem is the parents because why aren’t you sitting there holding your ground? These iPad kids, these little girls have never heard the word ‘no.’ They kind of just get what they want so they can shut up and the parents can go on with their day.”

She ended her video with, “Long story short, after minutes and minutes of arguing, the little girl ended up spending $500 at Sephora instead of almost $900 and the mom was okay with that.”

This was exhausting to even hear about after the fact. If you go to Sephora any time soon, be extra kind to the employees, knowing what they’re going through right now.