Sensitrust Launches a Geyser to Distribute Tokens to Liquidity Providers

Sensitrust LTD
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Sensitrust LTD
Sensitrust LTD
Sensitrust LTD

Brentford, United Kingdom, March 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sensitrust, a United Kingdom start-up, has launched a Geyser to distribute tokens to Liquidity Providers (LPs). After the listing on UNISWAP, the company has implemented a Geyser by adopting the platform.

The Geyser acts as an autonomous, decentralized, provider of SETS tokens, that rewards LPs with SETS tokens, proportionally to the amount of liquidity they provide on UNISWAP and to the time they offer such a service.

The Geyser mainly works through staking. Staking in a Geyser means that you are placing an ERC20 token inside the contract. After staking in the Geyser, you start accruing “share seconds” which is the key that unlocks you the rewards. Indeed, the tokens that the Geyser will reward you depends on the time. The more you keep your tokens staked in GYSR, the higher the number of tokens received!

SETS tokens are utility tokens that will provide you with the access to the services offered by Sensitrust. Specifically, Sensitrust is implementing an online platform where professionals and clients get online access to each other’s work, collaborate, strengthen their network, design new projects, make fresh deals, in a totally remote environment. Sensitrust adopts the Blockchain to easily track every phase of their activities in a transparent way, with the help of advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods that review the quality of services and products, and support the identification of ideal matching between professionals’ skills and customers’ needs.

About Sensitrust:

Sensitrust is a platform where customers and professionals get in touch, make deals and design new projects. Every phase exploits the blockchain technology, managed by Smart Contracts, and supported by Artificial Intelligence. Sensitrust will help people to establish and grow a professional network, to find providers of products and services of interest, or to design a project that will be realized by a pool of experts.

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