Seniors development moves forward after Town of Stettler public hearings

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A large seniors housing development is moving forward after two public hearings were held at the June 15 regular meeting of Stettler town council.

The two public hearings were for two bylaws, 2142-21 and 2143-21, related to the same proposed project from the Nautical Lands Group represented by Stantec Engineering.

Stantec had an employee at the public hearings to answer questions from the public. Nautical Lands Group is a large residential developer from Ontario.

Both bylaws passed first reading at a previous council meeting and were publicly advertised.

Bylaw 2142-21 proposed a change to the area structure plan (ASP) for an area described as “all parcels within SE 1-39-20-W4,” which could also be described as vacant property on the west side of Stettler south of Hwy. #12.

Mayor Sean Nolls opened the first public hearing and asked staff to describe the bylaw.

Leann Graham, director of planning and development, stated Nautical Lands Group’s proposal, if it moved forward, required a change to the ASP in that area.

“The applicant has requested the amendment to accommodate the development of a 432 unit seniors residential development ‘Wellings of Stettler’ that will include multi-unit row housing developed in three phases with phase one consisting of a group use facility (clubhouse) and 154 dwelling units,” stated Graham in her memo to council.

“The ASP was adopted in 2010 following the annexation of the land into the town and in conjunction with the development of the highway commercial parcels.”

Graham noted in her memo the amendment would include changes such as altering the minimum size of lots.

Mayor Nolls asked if any comments had been received from the public about this bylaw, and Graham responded there were none; there was also nobody present to speak in favour or opposed. Nolls closed the public hearing.

A few minutes later Mayor Nolls called to order the second public hearing, this time for Bylaw 2143-21, Nautical Lands Group’s application to re-zone property described as Lot 8, Block 2, Plan 2022777 and Lot 1, Block 2, Plan 1423578 located at 7201-46 Ave. and 7002-44 Ave. Nolls asked Graham to read a description of the proposed bylaw.

“The applicant is proposing to amend the Land Use Bylaw (LUB) and rezone the above mentioned parcels from UR Urban Reserve and C2 Highway Commercial to R2B Multi-Unit Residential District,” stated Graham in her report to council, noting that she was recommending council only consider passing second reading of the re-zoning.

“Administration respectfully recommends that council not proceed to third and final reading of the LUB amendment bylaw 2143-21 until such time that the applicant has entered into a development agreement with Town of Stettler as a condition of the subdivision approval.”

Nolls asked Graham to read feedback received from the community. Graham stated no feedback, in favour or opposed, was received about Bylaw 2143-21. Also, no member of the public was present to speak at the meeting, for or against the re-zoning. Nolls closed the second public hearing.

A few minutes later councillors pondered the two applications. Coun. Wayne Smith asked Graham, “Do people know about this?”

She repeated the fact the applications were publicly advertised and the town sent the information directly to some of the nearby landowners.

Smith was satisfied with that. “That’s good,”he said. “I’m glad people know about it.”

Councillors unanimously passed second and third reading of the ASP amendment.

They then passed second reading of the re-zoning, as recommended by staff, leaving third reading for another day.

Stu Salkeld, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, East Central Alberta Review

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