Senior BBC Schedule Co-Ordinator Facing Disciplinary Action Over Antisemitic Facebook Posts That Referenced The “Holohoax”

EXCLUSIVE: A senior BBC schedule co-ordinator has been called out for a string of antisemitic Facebook posts in which she referred to the “holohoax” and peddled extreme conspiracy theories.

Deadline understands that the BBC has been notified of the posts made by Dawn Queva, a Senior Scheduling Co-ordinator & Playout Planner at BBC Three, and her line manager has been informed. While not commenting on individual staff members, the BBC said it “does not tolerate anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, or any form of abuse, and we take any such allegations seriously and take appropriate disciplinary action wherever necessary.”

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Queva’s posts, which have still not been taken down, are of a rambling and vitriolic nature, and she refers to the “holohoax” and “AshkeNazis,” the latter of which is a play on the word ‘ashkenazi,’ meaning Jews who descend from those who lived in Central or Eastern Europe.

One refers to “a bunch of subcontinental European melanin recessive CaucAsian japhetic AshkeNazi who have no None zero zilch blood connection to the land of Palestine or Israel historically.”

Another brands Jewish people a “subcontinental Caucasian invader coloniser species with zero indigenous/blood.” A third brings up the conspiracy of the Rothschilds and refers to the Holocaust as the “holohoax,” accusing the Jews of “buying and selling those who kidnap from Africa,” amongst other wide-ranging accusations.

“The Zionist genocidal land squatting so called Jew’ irrespective of the fact that The UKKK and Amerikkka gave away land they had no god given right to a people who have no god given right to,” adds another post. Read screenshots below.

All posts are retweeting other videos, which tap into conspiracy theories.

Queva posts under the name Dawn Las Quevas-Allen on Facebook, who Deadline has confirmed is the same person named Dawn Queva who works for the BBC. She previously worked in scheduling for A+E Networks, UKTV and Disney.

Alarmed response

Dawn Queva
Dawn Queva

Queva’s posts are understood to have been shared with alarm in WhatsApp groups that have sprung up since the October 7 Hamas attack.

The Israel-Hamas War has been a hugely contentious issue for the national broadcaster. Yesterday, we revealed Director General Tim Davie held “listening meetings” with staff as the BBC sought to address internal unrest over perceived bias in its coverage of the Israel-Gaza war. Earlier this week, it emerged that an Apprentice contestant was given diversity training after writing social media posts including calling Zionists a “godless satanic cult.”

A BBC spokeswoman said: “We don’t comment on individual members of staff and we have well-established and robust processes in place to handle such issues, we do not tolerate anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, or any form of abuse and we take any such allegations seriously and take appropriate disciplinary action wherever necessary.”

Deadline has reached out to Queva for comment.

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