Senate Republicans change tax bill to gain support

Stocks push slightly higher at the open as Senate Republicans look to make changes to the tax bill in order to gain more support. Yahoo Finance’s Alexis ChristoforousYahoo Finance Editor-in-Chief Andy SerwerDan Roberts and Jared Blikre discuss the big stories of the day. Alexis also talks to Darin Oduyoye, chief communications officer at JP Morgan Asset & Wealth Management about the next big thing.

Today’s topics:

  • Trump to meet with GOP on tax overhaul
  • CFPB issues hiring freeze
  • OPEC-led oil agreement in jeopardy
  • Wells Fargo overcharged business clients: WSJ
  • Roark Capital to buy Buffalo Wild Wings for $2.4B
  • Microsoft signs SAP SE for cloud partnership
  • YouTube algorithm auto-filled ‘How to have’ with ‘s*x with children:’ Buzzfeed
  • Softbank offers to buy Uber shares at a steep discount
  • Bitcoin rockets to $10K milestone
  • Must-have experiences of 2018

Where do you think bitcoin will be trading one year from today?

  • Higher
  • Lower
  • About the same