Selma Blair Fainted Before Rehearsal for Dancing with the Stars : 'I Pass Out a Lot'

dancing with the stars officail portraits
dancing with the stars officail portraits

Andrew Eccles/abc Selma Blair and Sasha Farber

Selma Blair is getting candid about the difficulties she sometimes faces in dealing with multiple sclerosis while on Dancing with the Stars.

The Legally Blonde star, 50, and her DWTS pro partner Sasha Farber spoke to Entertainment Tonight, sharing that Blair had once texted Farber before a rehearsal to say she had fainted at the airport, but was still on her way.

"I'm like, 'Take the day off, just chill,' " Farber told the outlet. "She's like, 'Nope!' "

After originally planning to practice for two hours, Farber said Blair pushed through for an impressive five-hour rehearsal. The actress — who said she's fainted before in her MS journey — noted that one of the reasons she's able to get past her fainting spells is because of her service dog Scout.

"The thing is, I pass out a lot," Blair admitted. "It's part of the reason I have Scout and it doesn't mean I lose consciousness [or] it's a whole ambulance experience, it's something that I lose my vision, gravity pulls me down and I'm very disoriented and gone for a spell. He's kind of there to also catch me, you know, make the ground a little closer with his back."

"It's just something that I have to be honest with where I'm coming from but also know, like, 'Wait, I really have this.' It comes and goes," she continued, per ET.

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Amanda Kloots, who was in the audience cheering on Blair during last week's performance, told PEOPLE that she's "blown away" by her good friend's capabilities.

"The DWTS cast and crew is a giant family, the most supportive of everyone. It's one of the things I told Selma about the show!" Kloots says. "I'm continually blown away by how much she is doing but also how learning how to ballroom dance is helping her disease and her confidence in herself."

Blair has been open about her 2018 multiple sclerosis diagnosis and how she hopes to make a statement on the show. Last month, she explained that she's doing DWTS not only for herself, but also for those who have supported her health journey.

"It is for the viewer, because that is what has given me support. In dark times in my life, there are people that have come forward — strangers on the street or on Instagram, my original fans ... I'm doing it for them," the Cruel Intentions star said.

"Kindness and visibility is so important — to explore, be curious and expose people to differences of speech or movement," Blair added. "It's for everyone at home that it resonates with."