Selling the Hamptons' Peggy Zabakolas Breaks Down Discussing 'Biological Clock' After Breakup

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Selling the Hamptons' Peggy Zabakolas Breaks Down Discussing 'Biological Clock' After Breakup

Selling the Hamptons star Peggy Zabakolas is getting candid about her desire to get married and have children as she gets older.

In an exclusive preview of Thursday's new episode, the 35-year-old New York City-based real estate agent got choked up while talking about being single as her upcoming birthday approaches.

In the clip, Zabakolas's costar and fellow agent Bianca D'Alessio opens up about finding the balance between her personal and professional life, confessing, "I feel like it's non-stop. There hasn't been a minute to breathe. We have biological clocks. There are other things happening in your personal life."

D'Alessio unknowingly struck a chord with Zabakolas by mentioning her desire to have kids in the near future.

Tearing up Zabakolas replies, "You hit a trigger word. I'll be 35 in a few months and did I ever envision myself at 35 not married without kids? No. So a lot of times I think we run away from what we really, really want and our real issues."

She continued, "I am single again, that sucks. It obviously just happened and that is why I am a little more emotional. I am starting from scratch I think."

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Peggy Zabakolas
Peggy Zabakolas

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The Discovery+ series premiered on Jan. 20.

The show, filmed in the summer of 2021, follows six real estate agents trying to close million-dollar deals in the ritzy Long Island, New York, region. In addition to Zabakolas and D'Alessio, it stars J.B. Andreassi, Michael Fulfree, Kenny Arias and Mia Calabrese.

In an interview with TV Insider published this month Zabakolas discussed the show and how the pandemic has impacted her work.

"Real estate in the Hamptons actually benefited, unfortunately, from COVID, in the sense that everyone was leaving New York City markets—their secondary homes became primary homes. You'll see the struggle, because a lot of homes are no longer available and a lot of people are on a strict time frame of buying a home," she said.

Speaking about her cast mates, she added, "And then, naturally, there is also always gonna be drama between people, because when you put six strong-minded, A-gamers in a room, you're gonna have differences of opinion."

New episodes of Selling the Hamptons are available to stream on discovery+ every Thursday.

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