Selena Gomez Reveals She Broke Her Hand by Tripping Over a Long Dress: 'This Is Not Fun'

"I wish I had, like, a really cool story that I saved someone’s life or something," Gomez told the Ellen K Morning Show in a new interview

Amy Sussman/Getty for Deadline Hollywood Selena Gomez
Amy Sussman/Getty for Deadline Hollywood Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has a new single and a new accessory: an arm cast.

After recently revealing she broke her hand and underwent surgery, the "Single Soon" musician opened up about what happened in a new interview with the Ellen K Morning Show — and it was a pretty simple accident.

"I wish I had, like, a really cool story that I saved someone’s life or something," quipped Gomez, 31, to the radio program. "I was in a long dress — it was a summer dress — and I was walking from my car to my house and tripped."

Host Ellen K then noted that the Only Murders in the Building star was lucky she didn't break her teeth, and Gomez responded in agreement, "Yes, that’s what the doctors said."

"I guess there is a silver lining, but this is not fun," added the Grammy-nominated singer, holding up the cast on her arm.

One day after dropping her new song "Single Soon" on Friday, Gomez revealed in an Instagram comment that she was grappling with an injury. "Broke my hand and had surgery," she wrote.

"I don’t care about selling anything," continued her comment underneath a fan post about helping "Single Soon" land a spot in the top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. "I’m just happy to make music with my friends."

The new single marks Gomez's first new music of 2023, and it's a dance banger about looking forward to the end of a relationship. "I'm picking out this dress/ Trying on these shoes/ 'Cause I'll be single soon/ I'll be single soon," she sings on the anthemic pop song (produced by benny blanco and Cashmere Cat).

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In another interview this week with SiriusXM Hits 1 LA with Tony Fly and Symon, Gomez opened up about embracing life without a boyfriend and revealed her new album will be entirely made up of feel-good songs.

<p>Cindy Ord/Getty Images</p> Selena Gomez

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Selena Gomez

"I think everybody goes through the phase of, 'Oh, it'd be nice to like have someone,' and I get that," she said. "But you know, I'm just enjoying where I'm at, and I just want to be happy with who I am so that whenever that person comes into my life, I can just have them add on to me instead of being this insecure, you know, person that I normally used to be."

She explained of the track, "It's basically my way of saying, 'It's totally OK being on your own, and it's fun."

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<p>Noam Galai/Getty</p> Selena Gomez

Noam Galai/Getty

Selena Gomez

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"Single Soon" marks the first single ahead of Gomez's upcoming fourth solo studio album, though the uplifting dance banger may not be too far off from what fans can expect to hear on the record. Elsewhere in the interview, she revealed her next album will be completely positive.

"There's not one sad song on my album — and I don't mean that in a way, like, everything is not full of meaning because I think even the most poppy songs can have heart," she said. "I want that to come across, but I genuinely don't feel like I have anything in me to write something negative. It just doesn't match with where I am anymore."

Gomez added, "I live in Sad Girl music world. I love that, and I'll write that music all the time, but I just felt like this album shouldn't be that."

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