See how this woman downsized her life to live in a sailboat

If you dream of setting sail and traveling the world, then boat life might be for you! In this episode of Extreme Minimalists, Jessie shares how she moved into a 27-foot sailboat and traded in her home on land for a life at sea. According to Jessie, nothing beats the freedom of living in a sailboat and waking up at a marina every morning!

Jessie tells In The Know that she was first inspired to purchase a boat after spending a day down at her local marina. “One day, I came down to the marina and I just looked and everything was so pretty,” she explains. “I was like, ‘Wait a second, this is something that I could actually do. I could actually live here.’”

According to Jessie, buying a boat is easier than you might think. “I saved up money and downloaded Craigslist and started looking,” she recalls. “It was such a whirlwind. From the time I started looking, to buying a boat was probably like a month.”

While buying the boat was easy, Jessie says the real challenge was learning to live on it. “I had no boat experience, so I had to figure out a lot,” she says. “How do I host friends on here? Or how do I deal with trash and groceries? All the normal things of figuring out how to live in a smaller space.”

Now, Jessie has everything set up just the way she wants it. She gives In The Know a tour of the boat, starting with the table that serves as her workspace and socializing area. “This is where I can sit and work on my laptop, or just eat and hang with friends,” she says, showing off the table, surrounded by cushioned white seats.

Then, Jessie reveals her closet space, which she says was initially a bathroom. “I wanted somewhere to put my clothes, so I put a plank of wood down and some drawers, and that’s where I keep most things,” she explains. “And then I have my hanging clothes up here, and this is also where I keep my bucket, in case I don’t want to go to the marina bathroom.”

Finally, Jessie shows off her bedroom, which is a small triangular space at the front of the boat. Because the bed is shaped like a ‘V,’ Jessie explains that it can be tricky to figure out how to sleep on it. “I sleep kind of different,” she says. “You can either sleep with your head toward the ‘V’ and your feet this way [towards the doorway], or your head [towards the doorway] and your feet [towards the wall].”

Jessie had to get rid of a lot of her possessions when she moved onto the tiny, 27-foot sailboat, but she says she doesn’t regret a thing. “I definitely downsized, mostly clothes and just accessories, shoes, that sort of thing,” she says. “It just won’t fit in a smaller space, so I had to really choose what do I love the most? Like, what do I actually see myself wearing every day that’s comfortable, I feel confident in, and it’s also doable for boat life?”

But living minimally simply serves as a reminder of what’s important for Jessie. “I just always think what I’m gonna look back and remember in my life,” she says. “I’ll remember the experiences but I’m not going to remember buying a thing.”

For anyone considering downsizing and living in a boat, or any other vehicle, Jessie has some simple advice: just go for it! “Even if it’s a short amount of time, don’t think about it as this daunting thing that’s forever. Think about it as, ‘This is such a fun new adventure that I could explore, even for 2 months,’” she recommends. “You’ll have such a great story out of it, so why not go for it?”

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