You need to see Selena Gomez with a bleach blonde bob and pastel rainbow highlights

We've been seeing a whole heap of Wednesday inspired fashion and beauty looks since the hit show took over our screens, and Selena Gomez' latest TikTok video is being tied to the show, too. No she hasn't braided her dark hair or gone goth chic with her liner. Selena has actually just debuted a Candlyland dream of pastel rainbow highlights in a bleach blonde bob.

Now while it's not screaming Addams family, fans and followers were all saying the same thing in the comments; "She's in her Enid era" ⁠— a comment which has already wracked up over 5k likes.

And we are here. for. it. – or as another fan put it; "ITS GIVING ENID SLAY".

With soft strokes of pink, blue, orange, yellow, green and lilac, it's easy to see why comparisons were made to Wednesday's loveable pastel hued roomie turned BFF. Some viewers even mistook Selena for the character, with comments like; "Why did I think this was Enid from Wednesday," and; "For a sec I thought it was Enid from Wednesday till I saw the username😭😂"

I mean you can't deny how similar the two looks are alike. While another follower simply put; "just knew the comments would be about Enid," our favourite wrote; "Will you be my friend? I will be Wednesday😂" We see what you did there Artina.

Now... we've been in the game long enough to know it's probably a wig, but that doesn't make the look any less fun. What we don't know, is what happened to said wig for it to need emergency blow-drying with a hand dryer?...

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