See Gal Gadot as a super spy in Netflix's upcoming thriller Heart of Stone

Gal Gadot is a spy named Rachel Stone in Heart of Stone and that's about all the information we're getting for now.

In a first look at the thriller, coming to Netflix in 2023, Gadot is jumping out of planes, dodging explosions, sliding down mountains, and generally kicking ass and taking names.

"Rachel Stone lives off the adrenaline, she's addicted to it," Gadot says in the teaser (below), which was released as part of the streamer's TUDUM fan event on Saturday.

Belfast's Jamie Dornan, Indian movie star Alia Bhatt, and Oscar-nominee Sophie Okonedo co-star with Gadot, though their roles, like much about the movie, remain a mystery. But what we do know is that Heart of Stone will be pumped full of action and realism.

"Heart of Stone is going to be extremely epic. It's a super-grounded, raw, action thriller," Gadot says. "We really wanted to make sure we kept it realistic so people could feel the pain."

Feel the pain with the first look at Heart of Stone above.

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