See the areas ravaged by Hurricane Ian and read the stories from the ground

Nicholas Nehamas/Miami Herald

Hurricane Ian made landfall in Cayo Costa as a monstrous Category 4 storm — just two miles per hour shy of a Category 5 — on Wednesday afternoon and pummeled the southwest coast of Florida.

The 155 mph winds and massive storm surge tore apart a causeway and beach piers, destroyed countless homes and buildings and left entire neighborhoods under water.

Ian’s death toll is not yet fully known, but Florida officials have tallied more than 70 fatalities.

By Wednesday night it was a Category 1 drenching Central Florida, leaving many residents needing to be rescued from their homes.

Throughout the state, Ian left almost 3 million people without power.

Herald reporters and visual journalists have been following closely on Ian’s heels, documenting survivors’ stories, what the historic storm left behind and the recovery efforts.

Here is a map showing where Herald reporters are or have been and some of the stories they’ve told.

This map will be updated as the Herald continues to cover the aftermath of the storm in the weeks to come.