Sebastian Bach Thinks “The Masked Singer” 'Referenced My Face' When Designing His Tiki Costume (Exclusive)

"It has that grin, like, 'Let the haters hate, I'm going to kick ass forever,'" the Skid Row frontman tells PEOPLE of his outfit in the singing competition

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Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic, Michael Becker / FOX

Sebastian Bach as Tiki on 'The Masked Singer'

Getting eliminated on The Masked Singer's Rock Night certainly didn’t rock for Sebastian Bach.

“I was disappointed,” the 55-year-old rocker, who competed as Tiki, tells PEOPLE. “I get attached to people and projects, and even that silly costume, I was like, it became kind of an alter ego. So I get bummed out when I don't win everything.”

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The Skid Row frontman went out on Wednesday's episode after singing KISS’s “I Was Made for Lovin’ You,” but he has no love lost for the band. “I just went to the very last KISS show at Madison Square Garden,” Bach shares. “I was right there in the sixth row!”

Bach still finds himself in the rock music arena, too, releasing a new song, “What Do I Got to Lose?” on Thursday. In 2024, he’ll put out album Reigning Phoenix Music, which he’s been working on for eight years.

<p>Krasner/Trebitz/Redferns</p> Skid Row in 1989


Skid Row in 1989

“I'm just so proud of it,” Bach says of his new single. “And I feel so lucky to be shooting rock videos in 2023. I didn't even know anyone was doing that anymore.”

Bach talks landing on The Masked Singer following a career that’s included touring with a rock group, appearing on Broadway and starring in shows like Gilmore Girls and Trailer Park Boys.

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PEOPLE: What drew you to The Masked Singer?

SEBASTIAN BACH: I've always been a sucker for a big production. I've always loved a big show ever since I was a kid, and The Masked Singer is definitely a big show. All the costumes are big, all the lighting is big, the effects are big, the songs are big. And once I got on there, I realized that it was really about singing, which is something that I just love to do, even though it's quite different wearing that giant tube, really.

Why did you pick the Tiki costume?

If you look at the face, I really think that whoever designed that kind of referenced my face, because to me, it has that grin, like, "Let the haters hate, I'm going to kick ass forever." It's that vibe.

<p>Michael Becker / FOX</p> Sebastian Bach performing as Tiki on 'The Masked Singer.'

Michael Becker / FOX

Sebastian Bach performing as Tiki on 'The Masked Singer.'

Did you find singing as Tiki more challenging than what you're used to?

To all the future contestants, my advice would be: They offer you the option of wearing the costumes in rehearsal or not, and I would say wear the costume because it is so different than not wearing it. Take it from me, it's different. I'm like 6’4" and that [costume] was at least two feet higher than me, so we're talking about a nine-foot costume. And then they put a tiki straw coming off that, so it was like 10 feet. I had to bend down on the whole set, walking around. And it was my suggestion, once they put me in the costume, I go, "OK, now put me in platforms." And they're like, "What?"

You had to make it even bigger!

That's right. I love the size of that. I also love that as a singer myself, they let me choose — as much as they could — the songs that I was going to sing. I got to do Lady Gaga, “Monster” in a Smackdown with some poor, unfortunate soul. Because if you're going to have a vocal smackdown with Sebastian Bach, get ready for the smack because I've done this once or twice.

<p>Warner Bros./Courtesy Everett</p> Sebastian Bach (far right) on 'Gilmore Girls' with (from left) Keiko Agena, Todd Lowe and Joel Gion.

Warner Bros./Courtesy Everett

Sebastian Bach (far right) on 'Gilmore Girls' with (from left) Keiko Agena, Todd Lowe and Joel Gion.

Who knew you were doing the show?

The one challenge is that you cannot talk to anyone on the set. They put you in a black hoodie that says, "Don't talk to me" and gloves and your hair is tied back and you got glasses on. And you have to go right from the rehearsal room to the trailer and not speak to the crew or anyone. So you're very, very, very isolated on the days of shooting, and that can freak you out. You can psyche yourself out. And then you put the costume on and then you're even more isolated. I wanted to tell my mom and stuff, "Hey, I'm on..." but I had to say, "Hey, I think my friend might be on this show, and he told me it's really cool."

You even had to lie to your mom?

Yes! And there's tons of internet chatter that I just had to ignore. But now I can say, "Yep, it's me. And all the episodes are on demand, so go crank it up and enjoy." So that's fun.

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Do you have any thoughts on who might be under any of the remaining costumes?

I don't want to give away any of the surprise. Who wants to know that Superman is Clark Kent?

At this point in your career, is there a song or project fans recognize you for most?

It occurs in a different fashion depending on what part of town I'm in. If I am in a rock club, it's Skid Row. If I'm at the mall, it's Gilmore Girls. And if I'm in Canada, it's Trailer Park Boys. That is nuts up there. When I walk around in public and somebody hears me talk or go, that's like god status up there, the Trailer Park Boys. And in New York City, it's Broadway. When I'm in Manhattan, so many people came up and said, "Oh, Jekyll and Hyde and Rocky Horror."

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