You season 4: How does Jonathan Moore's stalker know that he's Joe Goldberg?

You season 4 is finally available to stream on Netflix, and Joe Goldberg has reinvented himself as Jonathan Moore, a lecturer in London who's joined by a whole new cast of characters. This time round, the hunter has become the hunted, when Jonathan starts receiving messages about his past life as Joe Goldberg. But how exactly does Jonathan's stalker know he's actually Joe?


As season four of You unfolds, viewers join Penn Badgley's character as a university lecturer in London, where he's teaching all things literature. He quickly falls in with a posh crowd of peers, thanks to his wealthy neighbours. In true You fashion, Jonathan's shocked to wake up after his first night out with them to find a dead body on his kitchen table.

While Jonathan is *convinced* he didn't do it, his track record suggests otherwise - and it's only when a text arrives on his phone that he realises something suspicious might be going on. "Hello, Joe" the message he receives at the end of episode two reads.

"Admit you’re Joe Goldberg," a later text says, while another reads "For starters: Why’d you kill ALL those people?"

you season 4 how does jonathan moore's stalker know that he's joe goldberg

By the end of episode five - aka the season four part one finale - it's revealed that Rhys (Ed Speelers) is the man behind both the messages and the murders, using the chaos as a way to further his campaign to be London Mayor.

When Jonathan/Joe and Rhys come face to face, after Rhys has hit Jonathan over the head with a hunting rifle and handcuffed him in a basement, he tells him, "I’ve studied you, Joe. The way you’ve been able to escape scrutiny… Truly, you’ve been inspiring me so much along the way in my little project. And in light of what’s worked so well for you, it seems the best option that doesn’t rely on luck… involves framing a dead person so they can’t protest their innocence."

you season 4 how does jonathan moore's stalker know that he's joe goldberg

Sorry, but have we missed something? How does he know Jonathan Moore is Joe Goldberg, and why is this what he's doing with that information? Will we find out how Rhys knows about Joe in season four part two, or is this just one big plot hole?

We need answers, Netflix!

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