Sean Strickland wants James Krause exiled from UFC: ‘They should close down his gym’ if guilty in betting scandal

LAS VEGAS – Sean Strickland doesn’t think James Krause should get an inch of leeway if an ongoing investigation proves him guilty of impropriety with MMA betting.

Strickland, a UFC middleweight contender who is never hesitant to speak his mind, admits he doesn’t know all the finer details of the situation involving Krause. However, he knows enough to recognize the GLORY MMA head coach is in some serious hot water.

After a bout earlier this year involving one of Krause’s fighters, Darrick Minner, came under the microscope due to heavy betting line movement followed by a quick and one-sided defeat, an investigation was launched into the situation.

Although it’s still continuing to unfold, the developments have put Krause in a concerning light. For him personally, Krause is not allowed at UFC events and the promotion has banned anyone who trains with him or fights out of his gym from competing inside the octagon until the situation is resolved.

On a grander scale, the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Alberta are currently not accepting bets on any UFC fights at all. The story continues to spiral, and although Krause hasn’t been publicly proven guilty of anything, Strickland thinks if the worst-case scenario comes to fruition, aggressive punishment must be dished out.


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UFC prohibits fighters trained by James Krause from competition amid betting investigations

“I don’t know what the f*ck happened with Krause, I don’t even f*cking know Krause – but if there is any fight throwing bullsh*t – f*ck Krause,” Strickland told MMA Junkie. “The f*cking guy should never be allowed in the UFC and they should close down his gym. Now, if it’s all bullsh*t and it’s just some guys being assholes, then, you know, move on, let the guy have a life.

“But if what they’re saying is true and he was throwing fights and changing fights, f*cking give that guy the boot. He don’t belong here.”

MMA is not unfamiliar with controversies – both in and out of the cage – but the story around Krause has the potential to be detrimental to the sport as a whole.

Strickland knows it’s hard to put a stop to everything, though, and said it’s just a reality.

“There’s so much shady sh*t going on,” Strickland said. “Look at the USADA ‘exempt pool.’ There’s so much shady sh*t going on. But it is what it is. That’s f*cking life. If there’s a way to cheat the system, guys are going to do it.”

Strickland returns to action in the UFC Fight Night 216 main event on Dec. 17 when he takes on Jared Cannonier in a key middleweight bout at the UFC Apex. The card streams on ESPN+.


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