Sean Penn on Steve Bannon: I don't think you can age like that without hating people

Long before he was fired from the White House, Steve Bannon was an executive producer on Sean Penn's 1991 film, The Indian Runner. And when Penn stopped by Conan, he shared his first impressions of working with Bannon on set.

When Bannon arrived on set in Iowa, he apparently brought two women with him from New York. He justified their visit by hiring them as hair and makeup assistants. This upset Penn, mainly because the budget was so small he didn't want to waste money on "cheerleader looking new makeup assistants."

Penn didn't give much thought to Bannon after filming, that is until the recent presidential election. That was when Penn realized Donald Trump's right-hand man was the same Steve Bannon he had worked with.

Penn said, "I didn't know it was the same Steve Bannon until I looked at him closely and imagined the Steve Bannon I knew but with the toxins of the soul so deteriorate and bloat and meld into this -- I don't think you can age like that without hating people."