Seahawks' Jeremy Lane was wrongly ejected against Packers

After a brilliant pick-six of Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers by defensive tackle Nazair Jones, the Seattle Seahawks not only lost six points – Cliff Avril was called for a questionable block in the back during the return – but also lost starting cornerback Jeremy Lane to an ejection in the first quarter.

Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane was wrongfully ejected against the Packers after a phantom punch. 

Referee John Parry stated that Lane punched Packers receiver Davante Adams. A review of the play however, fails to show any punch after Adams had instigated Lane by grabbing ahold of his face mask. Meanwhile, the Seahawks proceeded to go three-and-out on the ensuing drive.

Without question, the NFL clearly does not want fighting. It has become an increasing point of emphasis as the league’s rule book allows for ejection after a single “flagrant” punch, but a phantom punch should never lead to an ejection. Unfortunately for Parry and his crew, there is no evidence that Lane threw a punch.

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