Sea lions exhibit remarkable prowess while surfing giant waves

A marine-themed Instagram page on Sunday shared footage of California sea lions surfing massive waves in a striking exhibition of power and agility.

Seven Seas Explorer credited Pacific Offshore Expeditions but provided no further details.

We recall the scene vividly because Ryan Lawler of Pacific Offshore Expeditions shared the same footage with For The Win Outdoors hours after the January 2021 encounter. (See both clips posted below.)

Lawler and a documentary crew stumbled upon the surfing pinnipeds at Santa Barbara Island west of Los Angeles.

“As we rounded the southern portion of the island, which has an islet called Sutil Island, we noticed sea lions flying out of the back of the waves. It was an awesome moment,” Lawler said.

“I had never seen that before at this island, which is well known for its sea lions.”

As viewers can see, the sea lions exhibit remarkable prowess on waves generated by a powerful storm to the north.

The footage was captured via high-speed photography, too fast to record sound. But Lawler shared the the same clip to Facebook,  playing to the famous Surfaris tune, “Wipeout.”

That footage is posted above.

Story originally appeared on For The Win