SCPT Aims To Make the Manufacturing Industry Future Ready With Innovations in 3D Printing

LAWTON, OK / ACCESSWIRE / November 28, 2022 / Manufacturing has not progressed at the pace that other sectors have. SCPT (Sioux City Plastics and Textiles Company), LLC, is seeking to change this scenario and take manufacturing into the future. SCPT specializes in innovative techniques like 3D printing to make small lot batches and rapid prototypes of components. This is done in a cost-effective manner for entrepreneurs who want to make various iterations of their product before venturing into full-scale production.

As opposed to traditional manufacturing, 3D printing involves production of 3D objects from a digital model by depositing materials in layers using large printers. A process which used to be highly expensive, has now, with technological advances, become more affordable and sophisticated. It is possible to 3D print a wide range of products from plastics to highly intricate metallic components for automobiles. SCPT has redefined American manufacturing by integrating emerging technologies like 3D printing.

Chad Richardson, the CEO of Sioux City Plastics & Textiles Company, LLC (SCPT) is the man behind it all, a man questing for success. A qualified accountant, he soon realized that he was an entrepreneur at heart. He abandoned his career preparing tax returns and performing audits to take a risk on an idea he had to build, customizable ‘dog pouches'. Essentially a modular fanny pack that you can carry along when taking your dog for a walk, it was not just his product that was innovative, but the process as well.

Just when it seemed that SCPT was on the verge of success, Chad's ex-partners tried to sweep the company out from under his feet and the rift led to a liquidity crunch. Fortunately, Chad soon received backing from other investors after struggling with funds for six months.

This setback helped Chad understand from personal experience how difficult it is for entrepreneurs to make their creative ideas a reality without adequate financial backing and a more streamlined process. He has now expanded operations to help like-minded entrepreneurs to fund their dreams using his manufacturing base and extensive network of contacts at the local and global level. His tagline is "We bring consumer products to market by bridging the gap between idea and reality". He does this in return for a small equity stake in the companies that he assists.

Chad assists companies through the entire project development cycle ranging from market research, prototyping, product development, connecting with distributors and retail partners, and geographical expansion of services provided by teammates. Thus, SCPT makes products like The Dog Pouch through 3D printing and other manufacturing methods, while also providing aspiring entrepreneurs with business support services to design, develop, manufacture and market their products effectively.

SCPT's manufacturing business has now expanded to the point where Chad has partners across five different continents. He also has access to a wide network of freelancers offering specialized services. In the long run, Chad plans to set up manufacturing facilities overseas as well to create jobs and contribute to the growth of economies and the standard of living of people in developing countries.

Fully aware that additive manufacturing processes like 3D printing uses plastics and causes fairly high levels of pollution, SCPT plans on spending a significant share of its revenue on offsetting this damage through contributions to carbon offset programs, recycling programs and capital expenditures in new recycling facilities. Other charitable causes that the company supports as part of giving back to society include donations to STEM programs and the ASPCA as well as their own non-profit organizations.

SCPT will be launching their dog pouch product on Indiegogo and in the meantime has been receiving an enthusiastic response from potential buyers. It made significant inroads into the target market comprising dog groomers, dog trainers, boarders and veterinarians.

Concluded Chad Richardson, "We started with a single product, our ‘Dog Pouch' and have transformed into a manufacturing company rather than a product company. We will have the capability to make literally any product that a company asks us to make with our sophisticated 3D printers and other manufacturing processes. We work with staff in countries ranging from Egypt to Pakistan and India and will shortly be setting up manufacturing facilities in these countries. What makes us different from traditional manufacturers is our willingness to think out of the box and adopt the latest technologies to make the manufacturing process cost effective, quicker, customized and environmentally friendly. Our mission is to help any individual or enterprise with big ideas to make an impact on the manufacturing scene by leveraging our expertise with this new and innovative business process."

About Sioux City Plastics and Textiles:

SCPT was set up with only one product in mind, but now has the goal of becoming a global leader and trusted partner for the manufacturing industry for high quality, 3D, plastic, and textiles products. The company sets out to uplift people by bringing their ideas to reality.

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