What’s on the menu as school starts? Dill chicken chunks, fish nuggets and a favorite

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Who doesn’t love school pizza?

It’s on the cafeteria menu, of course, along with a lot of other stuff.

All schools — elementary middle and high school — serve breakfast and lunch. But it’s usually the lunch menu that has many parents wondering whether to pack food for their kids or let them eat what the “school lunch ladies” serve up on a given day. Rapper Vanilla Ice got so excited about the cafeteria last year that he surprised a cafeteria cooking staff with song and dance.

Students at Miami-Dade schools will start the new year out with dill chicken chunks on Wednesday, picadillo on Thursday and fish nuggets on Friday.

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Parents don’t have to leave the menu up to chance. They can go to dadeschools.nutrislice.com/menus-eula to scour the menus plotted on a calendar. So if your kid is not into dill chicken chunks, Mom or Dad has time to pack a bologna sandwich and stick it in the book bag.

In Broward, the menus are listed by each school . To see the offerings, go to browardschools.com/menus. One middle school is starting out, for example, with Mexican pizza on Tuesday, cheeseburger sliders on Wednesday, chicken breast tenderloin on Thursday and French bread garlic pizza on Friday.

Did someone say pizza?

Breakfast is free for all students in Miami-Dade and Broward public schools. And yes, there is free lunch for all Miami-Dade students and some students in Broward.

So, what’s your favorite school food? Pizza, right?