ScholarShare 529’s College Countdown Strikes a Chord with Parents

Program pairs rich content with peer connections to help parents successfully transition their teenagers to college

SACRAMENTO, Calif., September 26, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--More than ever, parents of rising college students need essential information to inform their decision-making when it comes to navigating the college process. Given the evolving landscape of higher education, knowledge truly is power. Inspired by this need, ScholarShare 529, California’s official college savings plan, developed a new resource for parents of high school juniors and seniors to help prepare them for college.

College Countdown, which debuted two years ago, offers curated content about nearly every aspect of putting kids through college. A Parent Advisory Council provides peer-to-peer insight for parents of soon-to-be college students from parents who have already sent their kids to college. The program was created for ScholarShare 529 account owners with kids who are 16 or older, although it’s available to anyone. The website has had 80,000 visits since its launch.

A recent survey from the non-partisan Public Agenda revealed Americans overwhelmingly recognize the benefits of earning a college degree. And, that agreement crosses partisan, age, and education lines.

"The passion families share for the benefits of higher education compels us to do our best to help prepare California families to effectively navigate the transition from high school to college," said State Treasurer Fiona Ma, chair of the ScholarShare Investment Board. "ScholarShare 529’s College Countdown has caught the attention of thousands of families over the past two years, and we’re excited by their engagement with the materials."

An interactive college prep timeline walks families step-by-step from the child’s junior year of high school through graduation, providing actionable tips and milestones to consider as the time for college grows closer. Program content is comprised of more than 200 articles, videos, infographics, panel discussions, and more, contributed by an impressive roster of industry professionals covering seven important and timely topics:

  • Affording college

  • Using your 529

  • College admissions

  • Student life

  • Academic success

  • Parenting

  • COVID-19

To learn more about ScholarShare 529’s College Countdown, visit the website at:

College Countdown Demo: Media members interested in learning more about College Countdown and how its resources and contributors can help with their coverage should schedule a website demo. Contact Alma Murphy at to learn more.

About ScholarShare 529

ScholarShare 529 serves as California’s official college savings plan. Administered by the ScholarShare Investment Board, ScholarShare 529 provides families with a valuable tool that offers a diverse set of investment options, tax-deferred growth, and withdrawals free from state and federal taxes when used for qualified higher education expenses, such as tuition and fees, books, certain room and board costs, computer equipment, and other required supplies. To open a ScholarShare 529 account or get more information about the plan, visit For information about the ScholarShare Investment Board, visit, like ScholarShare 529 on Facebook at, and follow them on Twitter at @ScholarShare529.

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