Scenes of terror in Myanmar's Mogok

Security forces opened fire on demonstrators in Myanmar's northern city of Mogok on Saturday.

They had gathered to show support for the formation of a National Unity Government on Friday, which includes leaders of the anti-coup protests, ethnic minorities, and detained leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

Video obtained by Reuters showed a man injured on the ground, attempting to drag himself to safety before being carted away in a trolley.

At least two people were killed by security forces in Mogok, a city known for its ruby mining.

Myanmar has been in upheaval since the military led by junta chief Min Aung Hlaing ousted the elected government.

Security forces have killed over 700 people, according to an activist group tally.

As part of Myanmar's New Year holiday, over 23,000 prisoners were released from jail over the weekend, but few if any democracy activists arrested since the coup were thought to be among them.

Across the country crowds gathered on the streets of several towns to show support to the National Unity Government. They have called on the international community not to recognize the junta.

The military has shown little willingness to engage with neighbouring countries and no sign of wanting to talk with the government it ousted.