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‘Scary’ AI-powered dollhouse is giving TikTok ‘M3GAN’ vibes

A dad’s DIY interactive dollhouse is going viral on TikTok — and kind of creeping people out.

In just one day, engineer and YouTuber @double_e_ of Super Simple DIYs gained over 200,000 views and 38,000 likes after uploading his latest invention to TikTok.

But now, much like the parents who unplugged their Ring after their 3-year-old claimed a voice kept offering him ice cream every night, this dad’s technological marvel is giving viewers Black Mirror vibes.

According to @double_e_, the “engineer dad” runs a nonprofit YouTube channel that provides DIY blueprints to help viewers turn ordinary objects into “heavily engineered” toys.

In the case of his new AI-powered marvel, @double_e_ took a $20 dollhouse found at a garage sale and paired it with an interactive artificial intelligence program.

With this AI, this ordinary dollhouse was able to refer to his daughter by name, recognize the color dress she was wearing and generate a flurry of animated butterflies in her desired color.

As @double_e_ explained in the comments, his daughter is his personal toy tester, so she gets first access to any new toys he designs — including his new AI Barbie program.

“This seems like the beginning of a horror movie…”

Based on the thousands of comments that came rolling in, @double_e_‘s invention isn’t sitting well with many TikTokers.

“Blackmirror episode,” one user commented.

“did we not learn anything from m3gan?” one user asked.

“This is kinda scaring the ish out of me,” another user wrote.

“This seems like the beginning of a horror movie. Like a toy house that controls everyone and knows too much😂,” one user observed.

“yeah I don’t like how it knew what color dress she was wearing…😳,” one creeped-out user commented.

“I wanna say this is sooo cool buutt. the moment it said the color of her dress my heart dropped… that means not only does it hear her it SEES her,” observed another user.

“So a new way for people to spy on kids cause if it can see the dress it has a cam,” commented one user.


“NOPE,” one user simply wrote.

While @double_e_‘s AI-powered dollhouse might not be everyone’s cup of tea, his YouTube channel does provide plenty of other DIY toys and hacks that aren’t so reminiscent of The Twilight Zone.

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