'Scandal' mirrors America's real-life issue concerning missing girls in Washington D.C.

Scandal used its platform this week to shine a very important, and meaningful, light on a real issue that our country is facing.

Back in March, the issue of Washington D.C.'s missing teenage african american girls went viral as celebrities like Olivia Wilde,


Taraji P. Henson


and Viola Davis


took to social media with the hashtag #MissingDCGirls and #FindOurGirls.

The goal was to gain widespread attention and, on Scandal's "Lost Girls" episode, Fitz was trying to do the same with his new institute project. "Hundreds of teenage girls no one's looking for because of the color of their skin." Fitz told Olivia after he had to awkwardly watch her making out with her new boy toy, Curtis Pryce, as they exited the elevator.

And later, during a guest appearance on that boy toy's talk show, Fitz stated, " It's an unfortunate truth that girls of color, like Zoe, go missing every day in this country. Girls who aren't just slipping through the cracks. They're being ignored and forgotten outright." He continued to say, "Girls like Zoe aren't just being ignored by the justice system. They're being ignored by the press."

Also back in March, lawmakers asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the now former FBI Director James Comey to “devote the resources necessary to determine whether these developments are an anomaly or whether they are indicative of an underlying trend that must be addressed.” And on Scandal, that's exactly what Olivia did. "The Justice Department, as ordered by the President and the Attorney General, are setting up a special division within the FBI to focus on missing persons of color," Olivia told Quinn Perkins and her associates. "I handpicked the chief investigator to lead it off. It will be well-funded and made a top priority."

At the end of the episode, Scandal aired this public service announcement by Kerry Washington, which was also shared by creator and writer Shonda Rhimes's @ShondalandTV.