SC woman who lost arms after dog mauling struggling to get Medicaid benefits, prostheses

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A Honea Path woman whose arms were amputated after a dog attack is having trouble getting prostheses due to problems with obtaining Medicaid benefits, her family said.

Kyleen Waltman was attacked by three dogs in March and has endured more than a dozen surgeries.

Her sister, Amy Wynne, said in a gofundme post that Waltman “has been through a lot since she’s been home.”

“Mama has taken her to pick out her hands and then gets a phone call telling her (Mama) that Kyleen can’t get her prostheses because she has no insurance. I mean you knew that when you allowed her to pick her hands out. It has been one disappointment after another.”

She said her sister is handling her circumstances “but you can tell it’s taking its toll on her. Our Mom does not know where to go from here because she’s worried if she says something, it’ll be another blow to Kyleen’s mental state.”

She said the family has faced one obstacle after another.

“She is so ready to get new arms,” Wynne said. “What do you do or say when you’ve tried everything to get her some and you can’t. No one expects to have appendages you’ve had all your life just get took from you.”

Waltman was bitten over her entire body and has battled a number of infections. The two pit bulls and a mixed breed that attacked her were euthanized and their owner has been charged.

Justin Minor, who lives on the road where the attack took place, was arrested and charged with three counts of owning a dangerous animal that attacked and injured a human, rabies control violation and dangerous animal not permitted beyond premises unless restrained. All are misdemeanors.

He was freed on a $15,000 bond.

The owning a dangerous animal charge carries a penalty of $5,000 or a sentence of three years in prison.

Waltman was released from the hospital in mid-May.

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