SC treasurer threatening business investments? All because of Twitter advertisements? Huh?

Tracy Glantz/

South Carolina Treasurer Curtis Loftis is once again showing just how dangerous he is for the state.

Loftis, in a social media post made on Monday, listed AT&T, Verizon, Wells Fargo, Dell, Citigroup and other companies as “radical corporate busybodies.”

“They seem to enjoy blacklisting and radical political actions, and hate free speech. Tomorrow, I am going to research their business with the State. We need reliable partners, not political actors.”

What does Loftis base his allegations and threats on? Assertions that these companies stopped advertising on Twitter.

You read that right. Because, as he said, these companies stopped advertising on Twitter, he’s going to “research their business with the State,” which presumably means he’s going to look into South Carolina’s public investments in these companies and consider divesting.

Threatening South Carolina business investments? Creating an atmosphere where businesses might shy away from the state? Is Loftis even a South Carolina Republican? Because those are not the values of the Republican Party in this state.

Loftis is a culture warrior with allegiances to no one except his own murky views. This is why he’s a menace to South Carolina.

His concerns aren’t even about a substantive subject. If he wanted to pull investments from these companies because of theoretical mistreatment of workers, harmful corporate doings, exploitative practices or other possible misdeeds, Loftis would be justified.

But he’s taking action because these companies aren’t advertising on Twitter? Who cares where these companies advertise if investing in them brings money into South Carolina?

The South Carolina Republican Party has propped up Loftis for a decade, even as he’s descended into lunacy. Just last month, Loftis went on a fantastical tirade about Marxist indoctrination at South Carolina universities and admitted to looking up information on the children of his fellow Republicans. Did the S.C. GOP condemn him or even say anything? No.

Now, the state GOP is standing by, doing nothing, not even putting out a statement, even as Loftis threatens South Carolina business investments.

Voters have just installed Loftis to another term. They should be feeling buyer’s remorse.

If you knew that a treasurer candidate would threaten South Carolina investments in profitable companies like AT&T, Verizon and Wells Fargo, would you vote for that candidate? If you knew a candidate would base decisions on millions of dollars of public money on whether companies advertise with Twitter, would you vote for that candidate? If you knew a candidate might make a company think twice when considering whether to grant a project in South Carolina that could create jobs and expand the state’s banking or communications capabilities, would you vote for that candidate?

Does South Carolina want healthy relationships with banks and communications companies that give us phone service? Or do you want Loftis?

Consider divesting of Loftis November 2026.