Saweetie's Knee-Length Hair Makes Her Look Like a Gothic Glam Vampire

Not even 24 hours after professing my love for Saweetie's Betty Boop bang, she is blessing my feed with another fire look that's arguably the exact opposite of her looped bang and shimmery makeup. With her paper-straight black hair, jagged bangs, and blood-red nails, she looks like a glam gothic vampire.

Switching things up from her usually colorful and loud looks, Saweetie wore a two-piece black set with hair just as dark, and she posted photos of it on Instagram on August 24. Her slick, straight hair was so long that you can only see the ends of it in one photo: the eighth in the carousel, where she's squatting down. All of this evidence makes me believe this inky black hair fell all the way to her knees.

Saweetie's Betty Boop bangs were sleek and polished, but this jagged fringe is the very definition of perfectly imperfect. Swipe to the fourth slide to see a close-up of the choppy bangs' uneven ends.

Free of color and shimmer, her full beat was complete with glossy lips, a pair of fluffy lashes, and a pointy cat eye as sharp as a vampire's fang. There is one pop of color: Her nails were long, blood-red, coffin-shaped tips. In the first, second, third, and eighth photos, the coffin nails appear to have a metallic finish, which reminded me of the cat eye nail trend that was popular in 2019.

I know that Saweetie already has another look scheduled and waiting in her Instagram drafts for tomorrow. I'll be up all night waiting to see if we get another dark style and beauty moment, or if she will dip back into her colorful and shimmery side.

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