Saweetie Went Back to Long Nails — and Immediately Regretted It

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For as long as Saweetie has been famous, in addition to her music, she's always been known for her super-long nails, which are frequently covered in elaborate nail art. (A full-length portrait of Betty Boop on dangerously point nails? Check. $100 bills built into her acrylics? Check times 10.) So when we saw that she was wearing an uncharacteristically short mani for a couple of weeks, we had a feeling she'd return to length nails soon — and we were right. But it wasn't long before she received a sign from the universe that maybe she's meant to be in her short-nails era for a while.

On Sunday, November 19, Saweetie posted one of the saddest nailfies (remember that word?) we ever did see. Now, don't get us wrong — her nails look beautiful. At least the ones that are still intact do.

The middle, ring, and pinky fingers as well as thumb of her right hand are sporting an ombré take on the milk bath manicure trend, with a semi-sheer white at the tips transitioning into the palest pink at the cuticles. And we feel pretty safe assuming her pointer finger matched before something she encountered in Las Vegas — exactly what, we don't know — decided short nails are the way to go.

“I guess Vegas won,” she wrote over the photo, which reveals not one, but two bandages on her finger, one of which clearly outlines a lack of length.

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saweetie broken nail


Hopefully this de-nailing experience didn't hurt. (There's really nothing quite like nail pain, am I right?) And ideally, it will serve as new manicure inspiration. Think of the possibilities! An intentionally asymmetrical mani? Band-aid nail art? We know Saweetie will come up with a creative way to cope.

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