‘Saturday Night Live’ Cold Open Mocks Lindsey Graham, Tim Scott And Other GOP Senators’ Humiliating Devotion To Donald Trump

The Saturday Night Live cold open tonight marked Donald Trump’s overwhelming victory in the South Carolina primary by skewering Republican senators humiliating devotion to him, even though he’s hurled insults at them, jeopardized their key causes and shown no loyalty back at them.

The skit had Lindsey Graham (James Austin Johnson), Tim Scott (Devon Walker), James Risch (Mikey Day) and Marco Rubio (Marcello Hernández) sharing a table at a hotel restaurant, munching on tater tots and pigs in a blanket.

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“You know he once doxxed me, back in 2015,” Graham said. “They gave out my personal cell phone number in a speech to all his supporters. Had thousands of people call me up to yell at me. They threatened my life. Had to get a new phone. Switched to Verizon.”

Then, Graham said, “But you know what? I still think he’s the greatest president since Reagan.”

Others then chime in that Trump is “greater than Reagan.” “He’s greater than Lincoln,” Scott says.

The skit came just hours after the real Graham was booed at Trump’s South Carolina victory event. It came after Trump, calling on Graham to give remarks at the rally, said that the senator was “a little bit further left than some people on this stage.” Graham went on to praise Trump, calling him the “most qualified man to be president of the United States.”

Scott has delivered speeches for Trump as if at a perpetual pep rally, to the point where the former president has said that he’s been a better candidate for him than his own presidential campaign. Scott dropped out of the presidential race before the first votes were cast, but now seems determined to be high on the list of Trump’s vice presidential prospects.

In the skit, Scott is reminded of one humiliating moment, from last month: Trump noted that Nikki Haley, when she was governor, appointed Scott to his Senate seat, but he ended up endorsing the former president. “You must really hate her,” Trump said.

“You all saw what I did, right? I stepped right up to the mike and I said, ‘No, I just love you!”

His fellow senators responded, “Wow, you showed him.” “Very cool.”

“I do love him. He’s great. He’s great,” Scott responded.

The skit also got in digs at the senators’ support for Trump even after January 6th. Videos actually showed rioters trashing Risch’s office.

In the skit, Risch said, “I’ve never really talked about this, but one of the January 6th tourists pooped on the floor in my office. Trashed my desk. Took a big old deuce right on the floor. That’s not Trump’s fault. And sure Trump called the guy who did it an innocent patriot. But he didn’t actually do it. So we all agree Trump is great, right?”

They all agreed. Risch, along with the other three senators, have all endorsed Trump.

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